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2011 Seller: Ryan and Besty

We where referred to Eddie Martini by a long time family friend. We unfortunately like many in the construction industry fell on hard times and had to look elsewhere for work. We found a unique opportunity to build schools overseas and had to leave the country for a few years. We where not able to keep up on our house payments on our home in Ca and decided we need to sell. Since we owed more then what the market would allow we had to enter into a Short Sale which was new territory for us. Eddie took a lot of time to explain the process on how we should expect to proceed. Our property was one we had hoped to fix up before we left and with the different seasons the property location allows the property quickly became deteriorated when we left. Eddie explained that would take a little more time to find the perfect buyer but he would take what ever time needed to successfully get our home sold. One year later we can finally rest easy as our home has closed to a great new buyer and we can start on our credit rebuild in hopes of some day returning to the states preferably Ca. Short Sales are no joke and you need someone like Eddie Martini to guide you through it.

2010 Buyer: Jody and Aubree

Having my husband overseas during a majority of our search was a big worry when we decided to purchase a home. We were referred to Eddie Martini  who spent 9 months with us until we finally found our DREAM HOME in the foothills or Northern California. Eddie took multiple trips to many properties that we wanted some by himself at first then I would have to go for the preview and if my husband was home on leave we would go back up to get his point of view. We ended up securing our home while my husband was deployed and Eddie took the time to video the home and send it over to my husband to review overseas. Being a young couple we really wanted to make the use of our VA Loan go a long way and secured a property we would never have to leave. We have plenty of room both inside our home and out to start our family which is a life long dream come true. Eddie has the up most respect for Veterans and their families as he is a son and grandson of Retired Navy pilots.  That meant so much to me and my husband and we recommend him to all our family and friends.


2010 Seller: Karin and Eric

We had a family member pass away and could not afford the up keep and HOA dues on the property we inherited. Eddie Martini had been referred to us by a close family friend as a trusted Real Estate Agent in the area who could help market the property with hopes of receiving some proceeds to help us through this difficult time in our lives. Eddies presentation was very simple to understand and did not have a bunch of fluff to try and impress us with his flyer making skills. He instead focused on our needs and established a clear game plan which we all worked as a team to execute flawlessly. Our property sold within his projections both timeframe and price point and we had an easier time getting that chapter closed in our life to allow us to move onto new chapters! If you are looking for an honest and professional Real Estate Agent in our area you need to consult with Eddie Martini!


2010 Buyer: William and Ponsuri:

We relocated to the Lincoln area and drop by one of Eddies company listings. He immediately took time to meet us at the property for a preview and we instantly fell in love. Eddie offered to show us other properties to make sure we where making the right move since we where coming to a new area. He really was genuine in his desire to take care of us and after previewing several other homes in the area we ended up purchasing the original property we called Eddie on. Now we are looking to build some passive income with rental properties and know that Eddie will continue to find us the perfect property to pursue. If you are also a CASH BUYER and want to make sure you spend it wisely Eddie is your guy!


2010 Buyer: Dave and Katherine:

We decided to take advantage of my husbands VA Loan eligibility to get into today’s great buyers market. Eddie Martini showed that he truly was PROUD to represent a VA Buyer which is how we ended up securing our beautiful home in Rocklin! The sellers husband was also a Veteran to our country and she was very happy to pass along her beautiful home to another Serviceman. We really though it was a long shot to get a home we really WANTED in our price range but after an extensive search we found a great opportunity and Eddie secured it for us! Anyone looking for a true Professional needs to call Eddie Martini for their Real Estate search!


2010 Buyers: Mark and Rebekah:
This was part of an email to Kristine Wyatt a world class Buyers Agent with BHR Park Place who has made the impossible possible for these clients:

I trust that you will do your best in this endeavor, and that it shall come out for the good for all of us.

I appreciate your professionalism and honesty.


2009 Buyers: Philip and Debbie:
We could not be happier with the home Eddie Martini found us. After 18 months worth of property previews our dream home came available on the market. Eddie was able to use his expertise and allowed us the ability to get a great deal on the home but still out bidding nearly 20 other offers! His dedication to his work is what made this dream become a reality. We still today talk about our experience and have sent many friends and family to Eddie! It truly is a BETTER experience and after 25 years buying and selling Real Estate we truly appreciate the difference it makes!


2009 Buyer/Seller: Amy:
I met Eddie Martini while I was doing a drive by on a home that had just come on the market. He was already with other clients but made it a point to say hello and set up a private preview with me the following day. That next day I fell in love with the property and all that it would allow me to be able to do with my passion for rescuing animals. I was hesitant as I did not think this kind of property would ever be able to be in my purchase price range. Eddie made the process very simple and within 7 business days we where PENDING with the bank! I later discovered that there where multiple offers higher then mine that did not get to the bank until AFTER I was in contract. It was Eddie's ability to be in communication with the listing agent and their team in getting the bank to review and approve my offer before others where even submitted! I was so impressed that I also used Eddie for the Listing and sale of my old residence. He priced the property so well we had an above asking price offer first day on the market and we where closed within 40days of the initial listing! I have will continue to send my friends and family to experience the BETTER way of doing Real Estate!



2008 Sellers: Ignacio and Maria:
The bank continued to push us around. Not being fluent in English made it very hard to get a straight answer. Eddie Martini stepped in and at no cost was able to negotiate a Loan Modification for our family. My husband´s hours where cut back and we then fell behind on our newly modified terms. All our options where explained in detail and we selected a Short Sale as being our best option so we can purchase property again sooner then some other options would allow. Eddie made everything very clear and educated us so we could make our own decision. Our home was sold within 90days of Eddie taking our listing and we did not have any expenses in closing that transaction. Everything that was promised was delivered.